A Brief History of St. Timothy's

St. Timothy's is an historic, traditional Episcopal church.  St. Timothy’s had its beginning early in Massillon history.  James Duncan, the founder of Massillon, was an Episcopalian and in some ways was the founder of St. Timothy’s, as the first recorded Episcopal service was held in his home.  Mr. Duncan gave the land for the first building and served on the first Vestry.  The Church was incorporated in 1834 under the laws of the State of Ohio.  In 1836 our first Vestry was elected and St. Timothy’s was officially recognized as a parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio, hence the date of our origin.  The cornerstone of our first church building was laid in that same year.  That building was completed in May of 1843.  St. Timothy’s has been a beacon of faith and service ever since.  A number of outstanding clergy and lay-leaders have served our church well over the years. 

Our first church building underwent changes, remodeling and repairs over the years and it served the congregation until 1892.  The last service was held in the old building on Christmas Day of that year.  The new church, our present building, was started in July 1893.  The Parish Hall was completed in 1895 and was used for services until the church building was finally completed.  It took several years and a lot of work, but the new church was opened for services on Easter Sunday, April 10, 1898.  Our current building has also been repaired, remodeled, and renovated several times. 

Fr. George Baum is the 20th Rector of St. Timothy’s, and began serving among us in 2016. Over the centuries, St. Tim’s has been the church of home for thousands of souls, some famous, and some not so famous, but all beloved of God. We have always maintained a strong desire and reputation for serving our neighbors, and welcoming those on the margins. Our common worship life binds us to one another, and to those who gone before us.

St. Timothy’s is one of the most beautiful churches in the state, and truly is an elegant offering to God. The architecture, stone work, slate roof, stained glass, and woodwork, all contribute to the beauty of St. Timothy’s, which augments our liturgical worship.  St. Timothy’s congregation is now over 180 years old. We share a deep regard for tradition, and continue with a commitment to strong ministries of fellowship, and community outreach.