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The Rev. George Baum, Rector

Father George came to St. Timothy's in August, 2016.  For 30 years, he made a living as a musician, before retiring from the band in 2015.  Fr. George and his wife, Cristin, have two children, and though they currently live in Cleveland, they look forward to moving closer to Massillon in 2017.


Jay Spencer, Organist

In June, 2017, Jay Spencer began serving as the Organist at St. Timothy's.  Jay is a friendly addition to our friendly staff, and we look forward to his ministry among us.  (Bonus facts: You can catch Jay performing at the Palace Theater in Canton, but you probably don't want to run into him at his day job in Canton's CSI Department.)


Candy Dickerhoof, administrative assistant

Candy is our Office Administrator and the brains (and heart) behind the operation.  She keeps St. Timothy's humming and seems to know everything you need to know about Massillon and our church family.


Ron Johnson, Sexton

Ron is our Sexton (which is Episcopal-speak for "Guy who cares for the building.")  Though Ron officially retired a few years ago, he still helps out with locking and unlocking doors, and setting up rooms for events, and does approximately one million other things as well.


Debbie Williams, accounting

Debbie takes care of all those bill-paying things that keep the bills paid.  She is a licensed CPA in the city of Massillon, and we are grateful for all her help throughout the year.


Our Vestry

The Vestry of St. Timothy's is active, efficient, and fun-loving.  They pretty much do what a Vestry does in any Episcopal parish, except better.

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